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Looks like maybe you can catch up on sleep! 💤

The Journal of Sleep Research just released a report that states that adults who get less than six hours of sleep on a daily basis have a higher mortality rate than those who can reach that coveted six-hours or more mark. However, the research also noted that those five-hour-a-night sleepers may be able to reverse the effects of that lack of sleep by simply getting a few extra hours of shuteye on the weekend or days off from work.

So catch those zzz’s this weekend! And if you’re interested in learning more about the study, check here.


Put the coffee on. ☕

According to market research, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are all lagging behind one mobile payment app — the Starbucks Mobile App.

Reports state that 23.4 million customers will be making in-store purchases with the Starbucks app this year. That success is built on the way the coffee giant has structured its rewards program that functions via the app — a system that many more outlets might be copying in years to come with their own brand-specific payment app.

“‘For users of the app, the value of paying with their smartphone is clear and simple — you can save time and money at the register, all while racking up rewards and special offers,’ says eMarketer forecasting analyst Cindy Liu.”

More here.


Potluck anyone?

A recent study revealed that regularly eating alone is the single biggest factor in experiencing unhappiness. Barring an existing mental illness, the UK study showed that participants who dined solo scored on average 7.9 points lower on the happiness scale than those who frequently ate with others.

“Robin Dunbar, a professor of psychology, worked on the Oxford University study. He says that ‘we simply don’t know’ why people who eat together are happier. But it is clear that this is a regular social ritual, a moment of union and communion in our often chaotic lives. It can be a place of conversation, storytelling and closeness.

‘At a psychological level, having friends just makes you happier,’ says Dunbar.”

More on the study and the importance of human friendship here.

Tech Trends

The history of government agencies working with leading tech firms goes way back — to the origins of the Internet, in fact.

Former director of legislative and public affairs, Jess Nesbit, takes a deep dive into the history of intelligence agencies mixing with Silicon Valley. In her article, she includes how Google — while not necessarily founded based on intelligence-community grants — certainly benefited from those agencies’ interest in utilizing the Internet. Prior to Google’s founding, the CIA and NSA asked the tech geniuses, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, to find a way to use the Internet to track “bird of a feather.”

“Their research aim was to track digital fingerprints inside the rapidly expanding global information network, which was then known as the World Wide Web. Could an entire world of digital information be organized so that the requests humans made inside such a network be tracked and sorted? Could their queries be linked and ranked in order of importance? Could “birds of a feather” be identified inside this sea of information so that communities and groups could be tracked in an organized way?

“The research by Brin and Page under these grants became the heart of Google: people using search functions to find precisely what they wanted inside a very large data set.”

Read the fascinating full story here.

Marketing Trends

Expect the Musk disruption of the marketplace to continue for a long time.

In an exclusive interview with CNBC, Gwynne Shotwell, President and COO of SpaceX, discussed how the company was planning to grow over the next few years.

One of the main near-term projects SpaceX is working on is launching thousands of broadband satellites, and then repurposing that tech in Tesla, another one of Elon Musk’s companies.

Shotwell explains that although SpaceX, Tesla, and even The Boring Company — Musk’s tunneling endeavor — are not connected in any true business sense, she envisions portions of each being leveraged to help build up the success of the rest.

Watch the full interview for more insights.

Plus, is your business GDPR ready?

“If your organization deals with suppliers, partners, or customers from the European Union (EU), then the full implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25 could cause apocalypse-scale jitters if you haven’t done your homework.”

Check out Saleshacker’s GDPR Compliance Checklist to make sure you are in the clear!

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